About Community Leadership Nepal Foundation (CLNF)

Community Leadership Nepal Foundation (CLNF) was founded on the objectives of inspiring community leadership and a commitment to deliver long-term sustainable project outcomes.
Projects are selected on the basis of contribution to community wellbeing as well as providing models for wide-spread application in Nepal.

    Mission, Vision and Goals

    Develop projects that personally engage Nepalese communities with the development of leadership and governance skills, to deliver sustainable outcomes.

    CLNF’s vision is to undertake projects that empower communities to deliver long term sustainable outcomes. Projects are selected with the aim of providing models for application and benefit to other Nepalese communities.

    CLNF’s goal is to use project-based leadership education and training to demonstrate how united and inclusive community participation can achieve long term sustainable benefits.

    About Our Projects

    Community Leadership Nepal Foundation (CLNF) works on the projects that make a positive and enduring impact to the everyday lives of community members. The objective is also to establish models that can also be followed by other communities . CLNF strongly believes that empowerment of community members through education and training is much more effective than providing just a financial help or building a physical infrastructure although they are necessary in some extent. In a long run, self-motivated and skilled community members can contribute better in national economy.
    It is like the Fisherman story where teaching how to catch fish provides a sustainable outcome over just providing fish to deal with hunger.

    Our Partners

    CLNF collaborates with different governmental and non-governmental organisations, community associations and education providers in order to achieve our objective. Following are some organizations that support and partner to make CLNF initiatives: